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lundi 7 juin 2010

Outfit #1

Outfit #1 Ddays Of Our Lives

"All black everything"

16 commentaires:

Camille a dit…

haha too cool for school!!

ROBINE a dit…


x Robine

Anonyme a dit…

Love the monochromatic look. Very chic.


La pépite modeuse a dit…

Sympa ton blog :)

dotie a dit…

you can never go wrong with black :)

eclectic du jour

LoliTa a dit…

classic in black!

Bijou's Style a dit…

all black...gatta love it ;)


les métamorphoses d'Alice a dit…

le noir...l'elegance

Rue des Modèles a dit…

Super black, nice picture
There is a lottery on my blog with gift coupons if you are interested =)

Fashion By He a dit…

love all black

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Charleston a dit…

all black FOREVER, i love the luxe that comes from outfits like this. perfect

Mélocy a dit…

J'aime ton gilet

Modafobik a dit…

Love this post really ! (:

I've just followed you
Maybe you can follow me? (:

fashionable palette a dit…

All Black is so chic. Always. :)

bravegrrl a dit…

love all black!

leo63 a dit…

j'adore ta tenue, et j'adore el noir! sublime!

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